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Teambuilding Winmentor

As being a one day event, we spent our learning time at Hamak, in the forests next to Iași, doing two main activities – Outdoor Olympics – 4 different and complementary challenges, and Pub Quiz, a mobile based tournament filled with questions from all possible areas.

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Teambuilding Atexis

With the group of Atexis we had a new challenge arising: How to do an Adventure Race for a 250 participants group in a limited space and time frame.

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Teambuilding Yonder

Our very first mobile based adventure race with 7 checkpoints and outdoor activities including slacklining, archery, riddle solving, starting a fire with tinder.

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Teambuilding Harte Hanks

Very competitive and cooperative in the same time, the Harte Hanks team went throught the classics – Adventure Race and Lego Education, conquering both in style. During the race participants got to discover the surroundings of Moldovița river, accomplishing multiple outdoor tasks to get points.

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Teambuilding Continental

We had implemented 12 simultaneous indoor and outdoor activities including ziplining an 120m line, rappelling of the top of the building, creating robots and machines our of Lego, practicing archery, discovering balance through slackline, zorbing football, Zumba classes, graffiti workshops and more exciting attractions, having over 750 participants attending across the day.

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