It takes both sides to build a bridge.

Outdoor360 is focused on providing quality learning events for teams. We’re based in Iași, Romania and since 2010 we’ve worked with over 3600 unique individuals all over the country, bringing them together in challenging, fun and useful team buildings. We study and develop new engaging and innovative learning modules that bring more thrill and adventure into our clients lives.


Hip, hip, hurray!

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Being an adventurous spirit, he loves to work close to nature. He is very experienced in creating new teamwork methods and understanding group dynamics.


Always good to have a medic around! She brings professionalism, care and support to any type of learning event for groups.


The jack of all trades in media content and design, he is the creative spirit behind our team, giving us high quality videos and photos.



Grown up scout, looking to teach others the basic skills needed to get along with nature. He will help you find the courage to take on the most difficult challenges.


With hundreds of hours in front of local and international groups, she is a do-er, specialized in communication and personal development.


Years of background in education and training made him the energy-bringer of the group, passionate about LEGO® blocks and entrepreneurship.



She can put a smile on anybody's face, you can't fight it. Adriana has experience working with people of every age and she will find a way to get through to your inner child.



If you can dream it he can build it. Matei will find the solution to any of your problems and even help you if you have a tooth ache.

You’re in good company.